Sustainable irrigation systems as a service

Véwater believes that access to a wholesome and locally produced diet should be available to everyone. Therefore, we would like to help underdeveloped rural communities transform their agriculture into more sustainable solutions and at the same time utilize our new technologies so that farmers’ cooperation and benefits are utilized through access to a sustainable irrigation system.

Most importantly we believe that we have found a perfect water solution for agricultural purpose, which in short are supposed to help rural areas towards a more sustainable future.  

Easy access to irrigation

véwater would like to provide farmers with the technical installation and set up, as well as equipment and materials to grow their land.

Our services rely on irrigation, with the ambition to gradually optimise yield through drip-irrigationprecision-farming and other services. The systems are designed to fit inside a metal box which makes them safe and easy to set up and install anywhere. 

Want to know more?

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